4 Yellow Axle Straps Car Carrier Tie Down Straps with Ratchets Tow Straps

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4 Pack of 2′ x 8′ axle straps with ratchets. Each strap assembly includes 2 twisted snap hooks, one heavy duty ratchet, one 2′ d-ring, and one adjusting ring. The adjusting ring allows you to tighten and set the d-ring to the desired location on the strap. Each tie down strap is made from a high strength, 12,000lb polyester webbing and includes a 2′ protection sleeve to help keep the strap from wear and tear. Each assembly has a Safety Working Load Limit (WLL) of 3,333 lbs and a Breaking Strength (BS) of 10,000 lbs. We highly recommend using one axle strap per tire when hauling vehicles as a safety precaution. Strap color may vary, please contact us first if color is important.We always recommend reading the safety information prior to use of any of our cargo control products. When used incorrectly, any cargo control device can be unsafe and even dangerous to you or others on the road around you. Ensure that all buckles, cams, and ratchets are closed and in locked positions while in use. The strength of any webbing material is significantly reduced when it is twisted or not in a straight line. Always avoid sharp edges, use corner protectors when necessary. Always check for fraying, tears, and abrasions on all webbing prior to use, if damaged in any way, do not attempt to use. Ensure all anchor points are equal to or greater than assembly strength. Remember that your Working Load Limits and Breaking Strengths are only as strong as your weakest link. Always refer to applicable federal, state, or local regulations for proper tie-down methods.


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