CargoBuckle F18816 Ladder Rack Tie-Down System, Square Mount

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Product Description

Size:one size Permanently mount this Ladder Rack Tie-Down System with square mount from Cargo Buckle to securely hold valuable equipment your truck rack — you’ll never have to search for tie-downs or stretch cords to do the job. Featuring 7 feet of professional quality webbing and a strong double J-hook, the strap automatically retracts out of your way when not in use. Quick to install and convenient to use at a moment’s notice, it’s ideal for securing and towing a wide variety of gear — from powersports and automotive to hardware and building materials. This square mount version of the Ladder Rack Tie-Down System features a 1-1/4-inch square bracket, and it comes with two retractable ratcheting tie-downs and all necessary mounting hardware. From innovative retractable tie-down systems to custom strap assemblies, Cargo Buckle products provide the utmost in durability and convenience.


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