Macs Tie-Downs 510001 Black Utility Pack with 6 x 1 Ratchet Straps and Soft Loops

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Product Description

At more than twice the strength of most big-box store offerings, Mac’s Utility Pack is a light-duty ratchet strap pack offering maximum quality, versatility, and value. This pack is great for tying down most motorcycles, ATVs, rolling tool boxes, and other items up to 1,000 pounds. Each Ratchet Strap features Mac’s new smooth-acting ‘EZ-Release’ ratchet, a working range of 1 to 5.5 feet, and a 2,800 pounds minimum breaking strength rating (933 pounds working load limit). Included Soft Loops offer an alternative to the built-in S-hooks for attaching to your precious cargo and add working length to your strap. Mac’s Utility Pack also includes a sturdy Duffle Bag big enough to hold all of your straps. The four included Strap Bands help to keep your straps organized in the bag and on the trailer. All together this is a complete, top of the line tie-down system that will give you peace of mind each and every time. Mac’s Tie Downs offers many other options, including custom products. Made in Idaho.


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