Macs Tie-Downs 511218 Black Ultra Pack with 8 x 2 Direct Hook Ratchet Straps and 24 Axle Straps

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A variation on Mac’s all-time most popular pack; Mac’s Ultra Pack DHR is perfect for getting the ratchet a little farther from the vehicle. Ultra Pack DHR offers the same high quality with more versatility than Super Pack and without the premium finish protection of our Pro Pack. On Mac’s Direct Hook Ratchet the hook is bolted directly to the ratchet with no webbing in between. This moves the ratcheting mechanism as close to the anchor point as possible without sacrificing total strap length. Great for applications with limited space between the vehicle and anchor point. If you have trouble accessing the ratchet handle or your knuckles bang into your vehicle when operating the ratchet, a direct hook ratchet may be the perfect solution for you. Each Ratchet Strap features Mac’s new smooth-acting ‘EZ-Release’ direct hook ratchet, a working range of 1.5 to 7 feet, and a 10,000 pounds minimum breaking strength rating (3,335 pounds working load limit). Axle Straps allow you to tie down around suspension components even where there is as little as 3.25 inch x 0.5 inch clearance. Mac’s Axle Straps feature thick, full-length protective sleeves to prevent damage to the webbing. Protective sleeve is captive and can’t slide out of place during use. Mac’s Ultra Pack DHR also includes a sturdy Duffle Bag big enough to hold all of your straps. The four included Strap Wraps help to keep your straps organized in the bag and on the trailer. All together this is a complete, top of the line tie-down system that will give you peace of mind each and every time. Mac’s Tie Downs offers many other options, including custom products. Made in Idaho.


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